NOAA Weather Widget

I’ve written a NOAA Weather widget for WordPress.  This is my first widget and my contribution to the WordPress community.  You can see the weather widget in action in the sidebar on the right!

The NOAA Weather widget will show the current weather and weather icons for any locale in the United States (including any commonwealths & territories that NOAA reports on). It will automatically add the necessary information into the WordPress cron to update the weather every 30 minutes.

Depending on how well received this widget is and requests for enhancements, I may make a paid for “Pro” version. I would probably ask for a nominal fee (around $10-$20 USD) for this enhanced version. The “Pro” version most likely would include the forecast and alerts in addition to the current weather conditions. Depending on the usefulness, I may make shortcodes to include the weather in posts or other places. I may also make it so you can decide how often to update the weather so you aren’t locked into every 30 minutes.

Click on the “contact us” button on this page and send me an email with your thoughts and suggestions.  Also, if you would be interested in a “Pro” version please send me an email so I know how much interest there would be for it.

Thanks and Enjoy!

Download NOAA Weather Widget

4 thoughts on “NOAA Weather Widget

  1. I installed noaa weather, and found my code (KAVL)
    but it does not show up on my blog sidebar. I am using Adventure Journal 1.7.1 s a theme.
    any ideas?

    • Try deactivating and then reactivating the plugin. Wait a minute and then refresh your page.

      Also, in the Admin area click on the “Plugins” link on the left side, find the “NOAA Weather” widget in list and click on it’s “Edit” link. On the right under “Plugin Files” you should see ‘noaa-weather/weather-current-KAVL.xml’ listed.

      Let me know what you find and we can see if we can figure it out.

      Tim :o]

    • I verified that your code (KAVL) worked so it’s possible the server your site is on doesn’t support Curl. I uploaded a new version today that uses WordPress functions instead of Curl to download the weather file and this “may” fix the problem you are having. Please try the new version 1.1.0 and let me know if it works for you. Thanks!

      Tim :o]

  2. I’m moving the NOAA weather widget to a different site. It will be posted when it’s done and will coincide with an upgrade to the widget (I’m including shortcodes). I will make sure the rss feed is working on the new site.

    Thanks for using my widget and please rate it. Here’s a quicklink to rate it or leave a comment.

    Tim :o]

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