July 4th Festivities

We had a good July 4th weekend. Ashley came home Saturday afternoon and spent a few days with us. We had Adam Monday for the 4th and with Ashley we went to the folks’ cabin. Sue caught a 15″ Bass and Adam caught a huge blue gill right off the dock!

Sue finished painting her sewing room and I changed out the light switches and electrical outlets to white. She just needs to put one more coat of paint on her work bench and the she’ll start moving stuff in and put holes in the fresh walls to hang stuff!

Adam’s been driving with his permit for several weeks now and is doing Very well! We got him a 1985 Ford Ranger pickup for his first vehicle. He likes it a lot and spent 3hrs last weekend detailing it. We (Grandpa Jim) fixed the carburetor and Adam did his oil change and lube. We still have to put in a new heater core and master cylinder but that should be the last of the “big” repairs. The body and interior are in great shape.

Well, that’s a quick update. I at least wanted to get something new up, since I’m not very good at updating the site! Hope you all had a greatt 4th as well!