Ashley is Enganged!

Ashley & JoshIt’s official, Ashley is engaged to Josh Phipps. He “officially” asked her on Valentines Day but we knew it was coming as soon as the ring came in. They looked at rings together and added some special features so it had to be custom made and was going to take several weeks.

On Valentines day they had a “picnic” at Josh’s apartment on a blanket on the floor. They cooked supper together then ate. Afterwards he gave her a big box. She unwrapped and opened the box to find another wrapped box. She opened that one and in it was a shoe box. She opened the shoe box and found some shoes that she really wanted to buy at Target but they weren’t on sale. She loved the shoes but noticed another small wrapped box and opened that to find a ring box. She opened that and found…three quarters. Josh told her the ring hadn’t come in yet but the quarters were to use on the claw machine to get a substitute ring!

He then suggested that they do a long time tradition of going to the bell tower on the ISU campus and when the bells rang at midnight you kissed. When the bells started going off he said he had a confession to make, he lied. He then got down onto one knee and proposed. I think Ashley said yes! :)

Josh is a really nice guy and so are his parents. He’s from Larchwood, which is a city in the most North-Western part of Iowa, just a few miles from the state border. He currently has an apartment in Marshalltown where he works at Fischer Controls. Ashley will graduate with her Masters this spring and is looking for a Hall Director position at ISU or a college nearby.

Congratulations to you both!