Ashley & Josh Moved Today

Adam, Susie and I took a road trip down to Marshalltown today and helped Ashley and Josh move to their apartment in Grinnell today. They had the U-haul already loaded and I drove it to Grinnell where we unloaded it and two other vehicles in record time! Then they treated us to Pizza Ranch and after eating we headed back home. It was a great day and we got to see the “kids”!

Ashley got a new job!

Ashley starts a new job today! She accepted a position at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa as a Hall Director. She will be managing several buildings and about 15 staff members. Housing is included so her and Josh will be moving to Grinnell in a week or so and Josh will be commuting to Marshalltown for his work. The commute will be about 35 minutes.

She’s very excited and looking forward to the start of her new career!

Here’s a link to the college website so you can see the beautiful campus.

Ashley & Joshua Got Married Today!

Ashley became Mrs. Phipps today! It was a beautiful wedding and Ashley was the most gorgeous bride EVAR. Everyone enjoyed themselves except for the bad catering job by Olde Main. What were they thinking bring ONE waffle maker to feed 150 people! Despite that, it was a most excellent day.

Ashley & Josh are Getting Married!

They’ve set the date, it will be Friday September 27th, 2013 at the Alumni Center at the Iowa State University in Ames, IA. They both are graduates from ISU and will probably live in Marshalltown where Josh works at Fischer Controls.

We’re all happy and excited for them, and the close we get the more we see we have to do! It’s all coming together nicely though and it should be a beautiful wedding!

Ashley is Enganged!

Ashley & JoshIt’s official, Ashley is engaged to Josh Phipps. He “officially” asked her on Valentines Day but we knew it was coming as soon as the ring came in. They looked at rings together and added some special features so it had to be custom made and was going to take several weeks.

On Valentines day they had a “picnic” at Josh’s apartment on a blanket on the floor. They cooked supper together then ate. Afterwards he gave her a big box. She unwrapped and opened the box to find another wrapped box. She opened that one and in it was a shoe box. She opened the shoe box and found some shoes that she really wanted to buy at Target but they weren’t on sale. She loved the shoes but noticed another small wrapped box and opened that to find a ring box. She opened that and found…three quarters. Josh told her the ring hadn’t come in yet but the quarters were to use on the claw machine to get a substitute ring!

He then suggested that they do a long time tradition of going to the bell tower on the ISU campus and when the bells rang at midnight you kissed. When the bells started going off he said he had a confession to make, he lied. He then got down onto one knee and proposed. I think Ashley said yes! :)

Josh is a really nice guy and so are his parents. He’s from Larchwood, which is a city in the most North-Western part of Iowa, just a few miles from the state border. He currently has an apartment in Marshalltown where he works at Fischer Controls. Ashley will graduate with her Masters this spring and is looking for a Hall Director position at ISU or a college nearby.

Congratulations to you both!

Sue Had a Great Birthday!

The Family 11C 13C

We surprised Sue on Saturday, December 1 for her birthday. I took her to Des Moines where all the kids met us at a portrait studio and took family pictures. She’s wanted a family photo for years so this was a nice gift for her. When we walked into the studio all the kids jumped out and yelled “surprise”! She was totally shocked!

We got many pictures in different combinations of Sue and I, Luke and his girlfriend Renee, Cami and her husband Greg, Ashley and her boyfriend Josh, and Adam.

Adam is getting Corny!

Adam has been detasseling corn now for over a week.  Unfortunately, it was the hottest week we’ve had in many years!   We all were worried for him but he stuck it out and has been working very hard.  We are all proud of him!  He’s planning on buying an iPod with his first check.

July 4th Festivities

We had a good July 4th weekend. Ashley came home Saturday afternoon and spent a few days with us. We had Adam Monday for the 4th and with Ashley we went to the folks’ cabin. Sue caught a 15″ Bass and Adam caught a huge blue gill right off the dock!

Sue finished painting her sewing room and I changed out the light switches and electrical outlets to white. She just needs to put one more coat of paint on her work bench and the she’ll start moving stuff in and put holes in the fresh walls to hang stuff!

Adam’s been driving with his permit for several weeks now and is doing Very well! We got him a 1985 Ford Ranger pickup for his first vehicle. He likes it a lot and spent 3hrs last weekend detailing it. We (Grandpa Jim) fixed the carburetor and Adam did his oil change and lube. We still have to put in a new heater core and master cylinder but that should be the last of the “big” repairs. The body and interior are in great shape.

Well, that’s a quick update. I at least wanted to get something new up, since I’m not very good at updating the site! Hope you all had a greatt 4th as well!

Ashley Graduates College!

Ashley is graduating “magna cum laude” on May 7th after four years at Iowa State University. She is graduating with a degree in “Fine Arts” and a minor in “Psychology”. She is staying in Ames working through the summer then attending grad school for another 2 years. She has a part time job through the summer at the college and she’s trying to find another part time job. We help her move into her apartment this weekend too, as well as celebrating Mothers Day on Sunday. It’s a busy week!